MI2 – Launch Night a stunning success!

On Thursday, the 8th of June we officially opened the doors to our new business, The Music Incubator International. Staged at our “Incubator” – Live Studio we presented our live recording capacities for 4k – Video and Multitrack – Sound.


The group around Singer/Songwriter Gerhard Burda plays honest Blues – Rock mixed with sensitive acoustic ballads in English language. Special emphasis is being put on lyrics with meaningful messages. The band formed in 2012 when they also released their first album, “City of Dreams”, which was followed by regular touring taking them to venues in Amsterdam, London, Vienna and many more. Escape The Band´s new album “Polarity” is due for release in 2017.


Was it reaching a top ranking in the finals of the Austrian „Eurovision Song Contest“ qualifiers that provided „Klimmstein“ with its enthusiastic fan – base? Or the rather tireless touring with hundreds of gigs around the country or even their hit – single “Paris, Paris” which made number 2 in the Austrian Top 40 charts, selling more than 10,000 copies? Whatever it might have been, “Klimmstein” stands for their unique mix of Pop, Rock and Reggae elements combined with entertaining multi – lingual lyrics and repeating noticeable cooperations like with Joe Sumner, “Sting´s” son. One can enjoy the significant party – factor of their music on 3 long play albums accompanied by a live DVD and multiple singles by now. And because “Klimmstein” never takes itself too serious, they recently sent the song “Porque soy Fregon” to Mexico . A nice try one may say, but extensive airplay and overwhelming reaction from the public motivated them to record another song featuring the popular Mexican pop – singer Brenda Magallanes which can be heard on the latest album “Sancho Vida Loca”. So rest assured you will hear much more from the Southern Austrian folks of “Klimmstein”. They always will be good for some colorful, cheeky and fresh sounds ”Made in Austria” for the world.


On Februaray 12th, 2014, four Austrian musicians decided to found the band „Alle Achtung“. During 12 rehearsals they created 12 songs within 12 days and on the 12th of December 2014 they released the Album “Es ist Zeit”, with, guess, 12 new songs. It may sound crazy but is absolutely true even though no one in the band does fancy arithmetics! It´s the opposite – profound and honest music paired with equally meaningful lyrics often toying with ambiguities surprises the listener even after the 2nd and 3rd attempt….


42 & The Hitchhikers is the project of Klaus Herunter – Singer/Songwriter from Graz/Austria. After having left almost everything behind he went to Tenerife and started playing in the streets of Los Cristianos. Living under the simplest conditions, he began writing songs about his past as well as current events. This collection based on true and fictional occurances has now formed the album “Pavements and Daydreams” .

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