Our featured artist

Nik Noah


All I strive for is to add music to everything I do. Just like a movie – soundtrack. All my emotions, impressions and adventures reflect in the songs I write. All I really want is to reach and move people and make them draw strength from what I do.                                                                                                                                                                   Nik Noah

Marco Holzer


Marco Holzer has been born and raised in the Styrian „Rust Belt“, an industrial region of Austria which has seen better days.... With his sensual German lyrics wrapped into cool Rap – Beats he describes the emotional attitude of a young generation growing up in the middle of 21st century Europe. In his typically coherent speech he paints pictures in the audiences head while not falling into the trap of using Gangster – Rap stereotypes. This opens up his music to a wide audience far beyond the typical Rap – Genre.

Kompass Nord


Über 100 Konzerte zwischen Hamburg und Wien, dazu mehr als 250.000 Views auf YouTube und zahlreiche Airplays in Funk und Fernsehen – KOMPASS NORD sind längst angekommen. Doch diese Geschichte ist noch lange nicht zu Ende geschrieben – sie hat gerade erst begonnen. Gefühlvolle Popmelodien und fette Gitarrenriffs treffen auf Texte, die das Leben schreibt.

Vida Noa


Indie Pop artist Vida Noa has already left her footprints in the Austrian music scene and positioned herself as one of the hottest up and coming songwriters in the industry. In 2017 the young artist released 2 singles, which both made it no. 1 at local radio station "Soundportal" with further national releases pending.